Fully-assembled Next Gen iPhone Spotted [Video]

We know you might be tired of the new rumours about the next version of the iPhone, as much as we are, with new component surfacing each day which poses to be from the iPhone 5?

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iPhone 5 Video

Well, here is an exclusive video of a fully assembled next generation iPhone which has been uploaded by YouTube user gsmisraelnews.

The guy on the video from GSM Israel News claims having found this handset at a case manufacturer’s booth while attending the IFA mobile conference in Berlin, Germany. He also claims that the case-maker asked them not reveal the name of the company and not to switch the device on. (Now, is anything fishy here?) Look out the video below:


It’s real hard to tell whether this device is real or a fake. But we did notice some discrepancies while watching the video. 😉

  • If you pause the video at 0.23s, you can notice the model number mentioned on the back is A1303 which is in fact the model number for iPhone 3GS!
  • The silent switch is on the mute mode and if you notice, there is no orange lining as you see today on all Apple iPhone variants.
  • The GSM Israel guy poses on the video that the iPhone case company they got hold of this phone from advised not to switch it on!

So, it this iPhone 5 video for real or is it a fake? What do you think?

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