Netflix iPhone App Updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Support – Improved Searching, Browsing and Watching Experience

Netflix App for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Netflix App for iPhone 5 and iOS 6If you get your entertainment dose each day with Netflix and have just grabbed your shiny iPhone 5, here is a great news for you – Netflix has updated its iPhone app and with this upgrade, Netflix app now takes full advantage of the larger iPhone 5 display.

The update hit the app store a few minutes back and in addition to the iPhone 5 support for a larger display, this app adds support for iOS 6 and betters the browsing, searching and watching experience.

The latest app lets you watch the movies and TV programs in iPhone 5’s full screen which features a 16:9 aspect ratio and the videos now look really nice with no black bands showing above and below the video – they are no longer letter-boxed!

Netflix iPhone App Upgrade - iOS 6 & iPhone 5

If you are a heavy movie-watcher on the go, your iPhone 5 and the new Netflix App is all that need (and of course a nice data plan from your iPhone carrier ;))

Take a look how  the app looks now on my iPhone 4S:

Netflix App on iPhone 4S

Search Feature Netflix App for iPhone

Netflix App for iPhone

Movie on Netflix App for iPhone

I haven’t got an iPhone 5 till now, in the mean time have a look at this post where our friends at iDB show how the new netflix app looks on the  iPhone 5 big screen.

Are you a Netflix user? Do let us know if you are liking the Netflix app upgrade for iOS 6 and iPhone 5!

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