India to get the Apple iPhone 4S on November 25

Good news for the Apple fans in India! The Apple’s latest version of its smartphone, the iPhone 4S is coming to India on the 25th November, 2011. This means that those living in India do not have wait much before they get their hands on an iPhone 4S.


As reported by the Times of India, both Airtel and Aircel are planned to offer iPhone 4S in India. Similar to what the telecom carriers did in the UK and other countries, Aircel has already spread excitement among its’ Facebook fans with the information about the availability of iPhone 4S from November 25, for which the pre-order begin from November 18.

The unlocked version of the Apple iPhone 4S is expected to be available between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000. Both Aircel and Airtel are likely to offer reverse subsidy for iPhone 4S through discounted call and data plans.

If you compare the price for an unlocked iPhone in the US, the 16GB version is available for $649 which comes close to Rs. 32,000. This means that if you have got uncles and aunts in the US, now is the time to call them and get one for yourself from there, which would save you around Rs. 5-8k 😉

The iPhone 4S was announced at the Apple “Lets Talk iPhone” event held in October, this year. Apple had started selling the iPhone 4S in the US on October 14 which later on was made available in more countries but India was still not on the list. Similar in design to the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S comes with an upgraded processor and an awesome 8MP camera. It has also got a new personal assistant feature called SIRI.

From the last few instants we have seen that the Apple fans in India do not have to wait for years and months now to get their hands on to their favourite Apple iDevice. Apple iPhone 4S itself is being made available to the Indian fans in less than 2 months which is great news as people will not have to buy it at premium prices from sites like eBay.

So, are you going to get a hands on to the iPhone 4S. Or, maybe iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS because with the launch of iPhone 4S, the prices of the older models are expected to go down. What do you think?

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