It’s Official: Apple Sends Out Invites for 12 September Media Event

Finally, it’s official!

After weeks of rumours and speculations, Apple finally issued invites for one of it’s most anticipated media event related to the iPhone 5.

This iPhone event is scheduled to take place on Wednesay, the 12th of September, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am. AllThingsD & TheLoop confirmed this information earlier today.

The text of the invitation is simple, reading “It’s almost here.” – this is, I think one of the most minimalistic invite graphics I have seen for any media event.iPhone-5-Media-Invite

And the “It” Apple is referring to here is quite clear from the large “5” which appears as a shadow cast by the date “12” – this reconfirms that the focus of the event will indeed be the forthcoming iPhone 5 and who knows, that is the name which Apple might end up calling the next-gen iPhone (although it is the sixth-generation in the series)!?

The rumour mills have been very active around the launch of iPhone 5 and we have already witnessed different renditions of the next iPhone based on those rumours. We already posted about a demo video from the folks at Macrumors which shows how a taller screen will look like on the iPhone 5. Check it out here.

Now that the iPhone 5 event has been officially announced, it would be interested to see what all iPhone 5 rumours actually prove to be true for the new iPhone.

We will as always, come up with a list of online resources where you can catch every bit of information live, as soon as Apple makes the announcements! You can also follow us on our official iTechApple facebook page.

Till then, stay tuned…

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