Video Demo Shows How a 4" Screen Would Look Like On An iPhone 5

Everyone wants a big screen smartphone and iPhone is still back in the game in terms of the screen size with its 3.5”screen since the first iPhone surfaced in 2007.

Many phones like Galaxy Note from Samsung even sport a 5.3” giant screen and the latest one has got a 5.5” screen. The Apple fans have been waiting long for the increased screen size in the next iPhone and that, as you might already know, is the biggest and the most expected (though rumoured) change in the next generation iPhone.


The new iPhone is expected to come with a screen resolution of 1136×640 which means that it will still have the same width but will be a bit taller than iPhone 4S. This will provide the apps with more vertical space to use.

Although some of you might think when Apple is making the phone taller, why not make it wider as well? Well, to know the real reason we would have to wait for the Apple’s iPhone keynote which is expected to be on 12 September. And, we are sure there would be some technical implications involved in the wider screen or Apple wants to keep this feature for the iPhone 6? 😉

If you are wondering how a taller iPhone would look like, have a look at this demo video created by MacRumors which shows a taller iPhone in action.

The video shows how the new 4″ Home Screen would look. The extra space would naturally allow for larger app folder sizes. Games and other apps would have to be modified to take advantage of the extra real estate. We imagined, however, that existing apps would be “letterboxed”, simply leaving empty black space at the top and bottom of the larger screen. Apple used a similar approach when supporting iPhone apps on the iPad.
The new 1136×640 resolution is almost exactly the same 16:9 ratio found on many widescreen monitors and televisions. This will fit many widescreen movies more naturally.
Some of the behavior in the video is speculative, but we believe it is likely representative of how a 4″ iPhone would work. The evidence of such a screen has been overwhelming with part leaks and evidence of iOS support. Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone on September 12th.

This is still a speculation of what the next iPhone might look like, and to get to know what it would actually be, we would have to wait for Apple to unveil it at the iPhone event.

What are your thoughts on a taller display on the iPhone?

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