OS X Mavericks Available for Free Starting Today

A few minutes ago, Tim Cook kicked off the 22 October Apple event where Apple is expected to refresh the Macbook Pro line and reveal the retina display iPad Mini and a thinner iPad 5. If you have been following the news about Mac OS upgrade when Apple announced it first at WWDC 2013, you won’t be surprised to know that Apple today announced it to be available to the public from today. One thing which you wouldn’t have expected is regarding the price for […]

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Flutter Adds Kinect-Like Gestures on your Mac to Control Music on iTunes, Spotify, VLC

We have written enough about iPhone apps here at iTA. Now, we thought of covering some nice apps for your Mac which promise to make your life easier. Here we go! Let’s consider a scenario – you are working on your laptop (browsing, writing or anything!) with some nice music playing in the background and your cell phone rings. What do you do right after you realise that you need to take that important call? I’ll tell you what I do – minimise the current […]

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