Live Battery Indicator Jailbreak Tweak to Merge Battery Bar And Percentage Into A Circular Icon

Battery Jailbreak TweakSometime back I wrote about a battery tweak for your jailbroken iPhone which allows you to toggle when the battery percentage shows up in the status bar of your iPhone. Here in this article, I am going to cover another jailbreak tweak for the same – this one is more fun!

If you think the battery indicator takes a lot of space on your iPhone status bar to show the battery bar and battery percentage, you aren’t the only one!

A JB developer has listened to your request and has come up with a simple jailbreak tweak using which you can free up some room on your iPhone status bar.

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The JB tweak is called Live Battery Indicator and it pretty much merges the battery bar and percentage into one and it does free up a lot of space on your iPhone/iPod Touch status bar. And, I love my status bar free of the clutter which the various icons create.

If you also like your status bar free of all the clutter, simply install this tweak and it will start to show the battery in the form of a circlular icon with the percentage inside it (or in the form of a battery cell with the percentage number inside it – you can activate it from the Winterboard app).

Live Battery Indicator Jailbreak Tweak - Circle

Bonus Winterboard Theme

Live Battery Indicator Jailbreak Tweak

There are no options or settings to configure it as LBI starts working right out of the box. So, what are you waiting for – spice up how the iPhone’s battery looks like!

Live Battery Indicator jailbreak tweak is now available for free on Cydia under ModMyi repo.

Do meet us in the comments below with your opinion for this tweak…

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  1. Yes its a great thing which gives us information about what percentage of battery is left so that we can recharge accordingly. This JB tweak don’t cover much space, which don’t slow down the speed of my Iphone in short if I would say ITS A GREAT THING…….

  2. Same feature is now available with most smart phones and you said it right.It is necessary to know because sometime we forget to look at battery and which results in frustration.


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