What if we had iPhone Games in Real Life? [Video]

Ever wondered if the addictive iPhone games that you play on your iGadgets were for real? Well, if they were, I can imagine the havoc sans fun all around us; thanks to the awesome music video created by a small Australian band which is making rounds all over the internet.

This Australian indie-pop band called Hey Geronimo have released a music video featuring some of the most popular games for iPhone namely Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Flight Control, and Fruit Ninja, which are a hit among iOS fans.

iPhone Games in Real Life

All of you who are passionate about music and iOS gaming will love this piece of awesomeness. Have a look at the creativity of this band and I bet they have put in a lot of hard work in bringing these iPhone games to life. Have a look for yourself at this video. All those who are reading this post in their feed readers, please visit this link to watch the video.

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Would you like to play any of these games in real life? If I am given an option to, I would never play games like Infinity Blade 2, I don’t want to get killed. 😛

Do share your views about this music video which brings iPhone games to life. Would you like to play?

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