Raaga iPhone App for Hindi Songs and Radio Updated – Enhanced UI, Keyword Search, Support for 20 Languages

Raaga iPhone App for Hindi SongsIf you were born in the 80’s, you would already be familiar with Raaga, which for a long time was the only music-streaming service for Hindi songs (and for many other Indian languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam to name a few). If you are addicted to listening to latest hindi songs on the web (like me!), chances are – you would have used Raaga on one of its platforms.

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It is indeed the India’s largest and most comprehensive music web site which provides its services on the web, iOS app, BBM, Android app and the recently launched Windows Phone app – although  the apps don’t have the best UI in the world.

There are many new players in the market lately which offer the same service on multiple platforms – Gaana.com, In.com and Dhingana.com but Raaga still has a huge user base.

Although, Raaga is one of the leading music-streaming legal service in India, still its iPhone app was not very great and had multiple shortcomings – I should say, till now!

Raaga iPhone app has been updated and the user interface now looks better with some added features like improved navigation, better keyword search, added Shuffle & Repeat option to the player UI. The disappointing bit is – it is still not optimized for the large display iPhone 5 and you would still have to use it in letter-boxed form – I am not sure why would they do that!

Anyways, it’s still a nice upgrade as it simplifies the navigation and overall user interface which makes it comparatively easy to use (than it’s earlier version!)

Using Raaga, in addition to listening to the latest song releases in around 20 Indian languages, you can also browse the entire archive including New Releases, Devotional albums, Most Popular songs and Compilations.

In this update, Raaga has been re-done from the ground-up and below is a quick glimpse into the new features it comes with…

What’s New in this update:

  • Choose From Over 20 Languages
  • Enhanced UI & Improved Navigation
  • Improved Player UI With Shuffle & Repeat
  • Improved Keyword Search
  • Your Favorites, Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Choose From Over 1000s of User Playlists By Genre
  • Largest Archive of curated playlists

As I mentioned, if you own an iPhone 5, although this upgrade does disappoint a bit but still, it is worth downloading.

Download from App Store Now

Do share your opinion – is this Raaga upgrade any good for you? What music streaming apps do you use to listen hindi songs on iPhone – do share with us below!

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    1. Are you talking about the web page telling you to download the app? If that is so, you can simply locate the ‘x’ button close to this message and close it if you do not want to install the app.

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