iPhone 5 Available in India Now

iPhone 5 Launch India

As we reported earlier about the iPhone 5 debut in India, the Apple flagship smartphone is finally available in the Indian markets from today.

iPhone 5 is the (world’s) most anticipated smartphone and Apple fans in India had to wait for more than a month for it to be officially available in India. The gadget will be launched in 100 countries by the year’s end in the fastest global rollout for an iPhone.

iPhone 5 Launch India

But the good news is that it is officially available in India now – you can buy it locked with plans from Airtel and Aircel India, and this time you even have the option to buy it directly from retailers. This is a step towards Apple’s plan to increase iPhone’s market share in India in which the Apple phone is not being exclusively bundled with a telecom service offer and is available across retail stores.

Starting from official price tag of Rs. 45,500 for a 16 GB model in India, iPhone 5 competes with the other leading flagship Android devices that cost a whole lot less than the iPhone 5 – I am referring to the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X and even the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The iPhone 5 32 GB model has been priced at Rs. 52,500 and the 64 GB model is available for Rs. 59,500.

As an indication of the iPhone 5 launch in India, Apple had last month slashed iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 prices in India last month.

Compared to iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter and comes with a 4-inch retina screen in addition to latest lightening connector and classy design.

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