Apple Releases 4 TV Adverts for iPhone 5: Thumbs, Cheese, Physics and Ears

As you know, Apple revealed the much anticipated and the most hyped iPhone in the history – the iPhone 5 on September 12 in its iPhone Media event.

iPhone 5 TV Commercials

Apple again hit the bulls eye with this year’s iPhone 5 launch as well and sold 2 million units in the first 24 hours itself when pre-orders started on 14 September, 2 days after the launch.

iPhone 5 hit the stores in 9 countries on 21 September and with that Apple has started spreading the word about its latest jewel to the general public via print and media.

These TV spots are called Thumbs, Cheese, Physics and Ears – focussing on the new features like larger display, Panoramic mode, slimmer profile and the brand new Earpod headphones.

All these spots have been voiced by Jeff Daniels and each one of them is classic Apple – which other company tells you the features of its products in some 30 seconds and still make you fall in love it? Well, that’s Apple!

For example, Thumb focuses on the reason Apple went for only a taller iPhone and not at all wider – that’s a subtle jab at the some of the giant screen Android Phones. Cheese focuses on the new panorama camera feature which comes as a part of iOS upgrade and touts the benefits of having a larger screen!

Have a look at the awesome TV spots now…





What do you think about the latest Apple TV spots – convincing enough? Do meet us in the comments below.

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