iPhone 5 is Coming to India on October 26 [Reports]

As was predictive from the slashed iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 price in India that Apple would soon announce the launch of iPhone 5 in India, it seems like the iPhone 5 debut in India is not too far.

iPhone 5 launch and Prices in India

BGR India reports that Apple is going to release the much anticipated iPhone 5 in India on the October 26, which happens to be a Friday and Apple usually releases its products on a Friday (so makes sense, but this is still a rumor!)

Citing ‘multiple sources’ for this update, BGR India has the report:

Multiple sources have confirmed to us that Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 5 in India on the last Friday of this month, which happens to be October 26.  As we had exclusively reported earlier, Apple will be distributing the iPhone 5 in India on its own rather than relying on its carrier partners.

We expect the iPhone 5 to have a wider availability unlike the past where it was not available readily everywhere.

We also hear that the iPhone 5 would be priced closer to the launch price of the iPhone 4S, which recently got a price drop. However, at this point of time we are not sure about the number of units available initially considering Apple is facing supply constraints globally.

There are also some reports claiming that Apple will distribute iPhone 5 on its own and not rely upon the leading carriers Airtel and Aircel.

If this information is correct, the official iPhone 5 launch in India is a little over 2 weeks from now.

The iPhone 5 16 GB model is expected to sell at nearly INR 50,000 (approximately $1000). However, we will have to wait for the official Apple announcement for the iPhone 5 prices in India.

Apple launched its flag ship smartphone, iPhone 5 last month which made its debut in 9 countries on 21 Sep when it hit the Apple stores. Later, Apple added 22 additional countries to the roster on 28 September.

This made the total count as 31 countries where the iPhone 5 was made officially available by Apple. But unfortunately, India was not the list!

Now that iPhone 5 is soon to be made available in India, which is a 1.24 billion people market, Apple will need to re-consider the exorbitant price tag for the iPhone 5. To capture considerable market in India, they can’t just ignore the competition that Samsung is posing offering Galaxy S3 16 GB model for Rs. 35,000 (approx.).

If you haven’t had a look at the iPhone 5 features, have a look at this post and iPhone 5 TV Ads.

What are your thoughts about the Apple iPhone 5 launch in India. Will it be smartly priced to get maximum sales in India? Considering the fact that Apple priced the latest iPod Touch 5th gen at around 1.5 times than US prices, we don’t thing so ;)!

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