Simple Concept Multitasking Gesture on the iPhone [Video]

iOS, the Apple mobile operating system is one of the most powerful mobile OS available today. Even then, sometimes looking at concept videos and suggestions put forward by people, it comes to my mind, well, Apple should have done this already!!

The other way to look at such concepts is that Apple still has a lot to achieve in its awesome iOS. With the release of iOS 5, Apple resolved two major issues – the dependency on computers with OTA (Over-the-air) updates and the Notification Center. Both of these made our lives easier. Letā€™s forget the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 battery issues for now! šŸ˜‰

iPhone Multitasking Gesture

If you are an iPhone user, you would already know how to invoke the multitasking bar and check out your running apps. If you do not, this is done by double-tapping your Home Button.

As there is hardware involved in this call to action, with time you may start noticing issues with your home button like the UI designer Max Rudberg did.

Max Rudberg has come up with a simple solutionĀ  for this and below is the concept video that he has done. It is a simple concept in which the user could simply swipe up with one finger to access the multitasking bar from anywhere in the iOS 5. This method is far more easier and intuitive as compared to the current double tap on Home Button. Have a look for yourself in the video.


Below is what Max Rudberg writes on his blog:

I use the multitasking drawer a lot. So much that the double tap of the home button is no longer cutting it. It feels slow and interrupts my flow when using the device.

To make matters worse, the home button on my iPhone is no longer as responsive as it should be. A double tap is often interpreted as a single tap which means that instead of showing the multitasking drawer it either closes the app, or if Iā€™m already on the home screen it takes me to the search page.

A simple gesture would decrease the wear and tear of the hardware button, and also speed up the usage of the multitasking drawer. You simply start dragging from outside the bottom of the screen and move your finger onto the screen. This edge swipe would activate the multitasking drawer.

Apple, you should definitely consider this simple gesture for the next iOS update for iPhone. This simple feature would make our lives even more easier! šŸ™‚

What do you think about this cool gesture in your iPhone, will it make your life any easier?

[via TheNextWeb]

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