Top 5 Free iPhone Apps for Domain Search


If you are a webmaster or blogger managing multiple websites, or simply a domain investor, chances are that you would be always looking forward to buying more domains as opportunity knocks on the door (or like me, you might just like a domain name for any reason). If you are on the go and an idea strikes you to start an online estate, you can search for the best domain for your business right on your smartphone with some of the best Domain Search Apps available out there!


Being a blogger myself, I know how much time it saves using these awesome apps. Keeping this in mind, I have prepared a list of Domain Search Apps for iPhone available for free in the App Store.

So, let’s get straight to the point and check out the list of free domain search apps!

#1. Go Daddy

Godaddy iPhone[Download Link: Go Daddy for iPhone]

Godaddy is the largest and one of the most trusted domains registrar in world hosts more than 54 million domain names. Using the Godaddy iPhone app, you can easily register new domains and manage your already registered domain in addition to many other features.

Main Features:

  • Allows you to register new and manage existing domains with DNS Control, Forwarding, Nameserver management, and renewal
  • Access GoDaddy Auctions domain name aftermarket
  • Quickly send and receive Go Daddy email
  • Receive notifications about upcoming expirations about all Godaddy products and renew from within the app
  • Purchase Hosting, Web Builder, SSL Certificates, Email, Shopping Cart, Servers
  • Look-up WHOIS domain registration information

Godaddy iPhone App Screenshots:


#2. Domainr

Domainr iPhone App[Download Link: Domainr for iPhone]

Domainr free iPhone app allows you to search for top-level domestic and international domain names from within the app and lets you register the domain with your favourite registrar.

In addition to this, you can also read about the top-level domain info on Wikipedia or IANA. If you like a domain and want to share it with friend, you can do so via the email feature.

Main Features:

  • Search for top-level domestic and international domains
  • Register with your favourite registrar
  • Top-level domain information
  • Send favourite domain name via email from within the app
  • Access WHOIS information

Domainr iPhone App Screenshots:

Domainr iPhone App - Domain Search

#3. Domain Srch

Domain Search iPhone App[Download Link: Domain Srch for iPhone]

Domain Srch is another simple and easy way to check domain name availability right from your iPhone. Domain Srch works more like Google instant wherein as soon as you start typing, Domain Srch starts listing the domain names along with their availability. The available ones have a green dot displayed next to the search result while the red ones represent the already registered ones.

Main Features:

  • Fast searches covering 46 different domain types.
  • Instant search – as soon as you start typing
  • Useful domain name generator
  • Register with your favourite registrar
  • View WHOIS details from within the app

Domain Srch iPhone App Screenshots:

Domain Srch iPhone App

#4. DomainsBot

Domainsbot iPhone App[Download Link: DomainsBot for iPhone]

DomainsBot is another free simple iPhone app to search and register available and premium domain names right from your mobile phone wherever you are. Some of the features which this app offers are Domain Search and Register with your preferred domain registrar, and lookup WHOIS information.

Main Features:

  • Search and Register Domains with preferred registrar
  • Allows you to search premium domains from different vendors and inventories
  • Lookup WHOIS Information

DomainsBot iPhone App Screenshots:

DomainsBot iPhone App Features

#5. DomainStorm

Domain Storm iPhone App[Download Link: DomainsStorm for iPhone]

DomainStorm is an app to register domain names developed by Network Solutions, another very famous domain registrar. It comes with some great features like domain name availability checks, access to WHOIS lookup and allows you to get your favourite domain name registered quite easily and conveniently.

If while searching you come to know that the domain you are looking for is already registered, just enter a few keywords and shake your iPhone. Domain Storm will then find some creative domain name combination for you!

Main Features:

  • Brainstorming tool – shake your phone for domain name ideas
  • Related domain name suggestions including variations on extensions and spellings
  • Shows expired domains with past renewal dates in the results
  • Geographically based search criteria and domain recommendations
  • Favorites list
  • WHOIS Lookup

Domain Storm iPhone App Screenshots:

DomainStorm iPhone App

So, this was a list of free domain search apps for iPhone!

I have personally used each of these and can without any second thoughts, recommend these to you – I am sure you will love these and will help you to grow your online business.

So, which one is your favourite?

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