Apple Dismisses Reports About iPhone 5 Launch in India on 26 October

India iPhone 5 Launch Date

Apple fans in India don’t seem to see the official iPhone 5 launch in India anytime soon. Yesterday, we shared with you reports claiming iPhone 5 launch in India on the 26 October, 2012. But, Apple has refused to comment on this media speculation!

India iPhone 5 Launch Date

Apple is known to stay quite about any media speculations about its’ products, and usually deny all reports around their launch.

BGR India’s report about the iPhone 5 debut in India yesterday, created a buzz all over the internet wherein they had cited “multiple sources” who claim 26 October to be the date for its launch.

As I wrote in my article yesterday, we anyways knew this could be a rumor which Apple products are known for!

BGR India reports that Apple is going to release the much anticipated iPhone 5 in India on the October 26, which happens to be a Friday and Apple usually releases its products on a Friday (so makes sense, but this is still a rumor!)

This sure does seem to be a rumor from what FirstPost reports:

Yesterday the Internet was abuzz after a report by BGR India had quoted multiple sources confirming the launch date as 26 October.

Apple has refused to comment on these reports. In an email response to Firstpost, Apple’s Press spokesperson said that we have no announcement to make at the moment on a launch or price of the iPhone 5 in India.  (italics quotes). He added, There is speculation in media and we don’t comment on speculation.

This means a clear denial by Apple confirming there is no iPhone 5 launch planned for India in the near future and called the report as merely a media speculation!

Recently, Apple reduced the iPhone 4S/4 prices in India which added fuel to the fire and Indian fans (including media) started speculating about the launch of iPhone 5.

The iPhone 4 slash saw the prices going down by around 25% (Rs. 9,600) bringing the new price to Rs. 28,300 from the earlier Rs. 37,900 for a 8 GB model. Apple slashed iPhone 4S 16 GB model prices in India to Rs. 41,400 reducing by Rs. 3100 slashing from the earlier price Rs. 44, 500.

With Apple’s denial, we have to wait for Apple’s official announcement about when Apple’s iPhone 5 will be launched in India.

As per reports, India is on the ‘third wave’ of the official launch of the device. So, the speculation about its launch ahead of the Diwali shopping season also seems true!

So, what does this leave us with?

Two reports from 2 different sources – I would go with the one by FirstPost as they have actually cited the ‘source’ of their information against BGR India’s ‘multiple sources’!

What about you? Still excited?

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