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With all the amazing feats of technology that we are surrounded by and are almost slaves to in today’s world, there are very few products that have had so much impact on our lives that they not just changed the way we live, but they actually changed the whole world in which we live in, for the better. The one (and to many of us, the only) company that comes to mind when you give such an exalted description is of course, Apple.

iTechApple Logo

We launched Technolism back in June 2010, where technology is almost a religion for us. Technolism is now a Google PageRank 3 blog and attracts more than 45,000 Pageviews every month. But, as we wrote so many articles since the inception of Technolism, we realised that the one company we have fallen in love over this time is Apple which shows in our posts, that are now to the count of more than 35% about Apple. It wasn’t intentional but in our opinion, quite natural.

Also, the time at which Technolism was born and has grown, Apple has transformed itself from the biggest music and MP3 provider to one of the biggest names in Telecom with iPhone and now in mobile computing with the iPad. And it is neither stopping there nor will it stop there in future. Steve Jobs has left a legacy behind him that we believe, and hope, will carry Apple to become the most valuable, impacting and yet revered companies in the world.

To honour this great company and the amazing products it makes, we have created this dedicated blog solely for Apple’s products and technologies that are continuously changing our lives for the better and will hopefully continue doing so. We are extremely happy to welcome you to a brand new blog, iTechApple a.k.a. iTA, where we will be talking about Apple products and nothing else. The one and only reason for that – we are obsessed with Apple, like you are!

But to remove any doubts in your mind, our main focus is of course, to provide unbiased and helpful reviews. So as much as we love Apple, we remain committed to our readers, keeping up with the tradition that we have at Technolism and will always provide an unbiased and end-user view. This is a blog that is focussed on Apple’s products but by no means a promotion ground for them and we are not affiliated to Apple in any way. So be rest assured, if there is a problem with any of them, you are as likely to find a post about them here than anywhere else. Wherever possible, we will also try and provide tips and tricks to overcome those problems as well.

One last thing (and you know who always used to say that), you cannot talk about Apple without talking about Steve Jobs. If not for this one true visionary, we would still be living in the dark ages with a lot of technology around us but no great products. It is extremely unfortunate that Steve is no longer in this world, but we, like millions of his other fans, will always remember him and honour him for the great life he lived in which he made such a big difference to our lives with the amazing products that he left for us. Amen.

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We are in the starting phase of this brand new blog and as Rome was not built in a day, you will see some quick updates here at iTA in the name of design and layout changes. We have locked ourselves in a room and threw away the key and we are not coming out until it is ready. In the meantime, do let us know how we can make iTechApple better.

Thanks again. Stay tuned!

I have now started to think, we shouldn’t have thrown away that key. 😉

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