How to Jailbreak iPhone/iPad Using Evasi0n on Windows [iOS 6.x Jailbreak Tutorial]

by Amandeep Singh on February 5, 2013

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As you would already know by now, evad3rs released the iOS 6.x jailbreak tool publically today in the name of ‘evasi0n’. evasi0n is one of the most anticipated jailbreak tool of all times and the excitement among jailbreakers was no less than a new iPhone or iPad launch!

evad3rs - Hackers for evasi0n Jailbreak tool

I just used evasi0n to jailbreak my iPhone running on iOS 6.1 and the whole process took not more than 10 minutes. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 6.x, using evasi0n jailbreak tool.

This tutorial can also be used to jailbreak iPad / iPod Touch (running on iOS 6 / 6.0.1 / 6.1) using evasi0n.

Note: Before you start with the below process, we recommend you to backup your device using iTunes (or iCloud). In case anything goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about your data and will always be able to recover your data.

Jailbreak iOS 6 / 6.0.1 / 6.1 using Evasi0n

Step #1:  Download evasi0n from here or you can also use the direct links.

Step #2: Extract the zip file and right click on the evasi0n.exe and ‘Run as Administrator’. If you get a pop-up asking for permission to access evasi0n.exe, click on Yes.

Step #3: Plug in your iGadget iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – make sure it is running on iOS 6 or above.

Step #4: Once you plug in your iOS device, evasi0n will detect it and show on the launched evasi0n tool. This will enable the Jailbreak button.

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6.x - Detected iOS device

Step #5: To begin the jailbreak process, click on the Jailbreak button. This will trigger the jailbreak process! evasi0n will start with first retrieving information from the device to generate jailbreak data. The first step would take a while to complete so, stay calm and jailbreak 🙂

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6.x - Retrieving information

Step #6: For the next few minutes, evasi0n will prepare your device for the jailbreak by injecting the jailbreak data,

and you will see some messages like preparing stage 1 jailbreak data, injecting stage 1 jailbreak data and finally evasi0n will reboot your device. You need to wait for this to complete and don’t touch your device.

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6.x - Jailbreak Data Reboot

Step #7: Further on, after the reboot, evasi0n will start with the stage 2 of loading jailbreak data to your iDevice and later, will upload Cydia and Cydia packages list.

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6.x - Upload Cydia

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6.x - Upload Cydia Packages List

Step #8: Now, once Cydia and Cydia Packages list has been uploaded onto your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, you will be prompted to unlock your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch and tap on the new ‘Jailbreak’ icon created by evai0n on your springboard.

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6.x - Unlock Device & Tap Jailbreak Icon

Step #9: “Slide to unlock” on the lock screen to unlock your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch and tap on the new “Jailbreak” icon (only once) created by evasi0n jailbreak utility. The screen will go black and then return to the home screen!

Step #10: evasi0n will do the final tasks on your iDevice and will continue to show the messages on the tool like Injecting remount payload, Injecting final jailbreak data. During this process, your device will reboot itself. You need to stay calm and don’t touch anyting. Once done, you see the message on evasi0n saying “Jailbreak complete!”

After this again, your device may restart a few times to complete the process.

evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS 6.x - Complete

Step #11: After evasi0n completes the process (as in step #10 above), you will see a big evasi0n logo on your device during which it will show you multiple prompts like Initialising Offset, Finding offset, Cleaning up and finally:

Done! Continuing Boot…

It will stay here for a few seconds and eventually you will be take to the iOS device lock screen where you can unlock your phone and if all goes well, you will see the Cydia icon!

Congratulations!! You have successfully jailbroken your iOS 6 device for which you had longed for weeks!

I hope this tutorial helps you in jailbreaking your iPhone / iPad running on iOS 6 (and above). There is a lot more I am going to do on my jailbroken device in terms of jailbreak tweaks and jailbreak apps. So, bear with me till the next instalment!

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hi there i have 3gs iphone with an ios 4.1 , i have been waiting this day i need to change/jailbreak the ios to 6.0.1 using evasion , please provide me detail procedure and how can i unlock after jail breaking


Amandeep Singh

Hi Haile,

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

You can use evasi0n to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS but before you do that, upgrade to the latest iOS version and then jailbreak using evasi0n untethered jailbreak tool.



tnx a lot



iphone4…. 6.1.3 jailbrack avaliable……



i am expected to unlock after the jailbreak through cyidia using wifi


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