This is How Flappy Bird Creator’s Next iOS Game Looks Like!

Dong Nguyen, a game developer whose iOS game became so viral that he was at one time earning more than $50k per day from ad revenue! Yes, per day..!

Looking at the amount of time people were spending on his experimental venture, Dong decided to remove it off the App stores in Feb this year.

Since then, sensing the opporunity of such genre of games, Apple App store has been bombarded with Flappy Bird look-alikes. And because of the ground that Flappy Bird created, yes, these games are doing well too!

After keeping silent for quite a while, Dong revealed that he is going to bring back Flappy Bird in August 2014 and that it would have a multi-player option this time around. He also confirms that it will not be as addictive as the earlier version of Flappy bird 😉

Well, we need to wait for that!

Anyways, the game creator has now confirmed that he is also working on a brand new game for iOS which will involve a character jumping from building to building.

In a recent tweet, he has given a sneak peek of how his next game looks like.

So, have a look…

Flappy Bird Next

Dong hasn’t yet announced the name of this new game but it looks like the same side-scrolling game-play like we had in Flappy Bird… would it be called ‘Flappy Man’? Well, we don’t know yet.

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