[iPad Concept] – How Would a Translucent iPad Look Like?

I love the artist’s imagination who work hard to come up with aweome concepts for iOS & iGadgets – Apple should definitely take some inputs from these unique innovative concepts! In this latest iPad concept, the 3D artist Ricardo Afonso puts his imagination into creating this translucent iPad concept having a radical transparent screen with a pair of metallic stripes at the top and bottom, for the home button and FaceTime camera. These metallic strips is where all the motherboard, battery and other components would […]

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Fully-assembled Next Gen iPhone Spotted [Video]

We know you might be tired of the new rumours about the next version of the iPhone, as much as we are, with new component surfacing each day which poses to be from the iPhone 5? Check Out: Video Demo Shows How a 4″ Screen Would Look Like On An iPhone 5 Well, here is an exclusive video of a fully assembled next generation iPhone which has been uploaded by YouTube user gsmisraelnews. The guy on the video from GSM Israel News claims having found […]

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Simple Concept Multitasking Gesture on the iPhone [Video]

iOS, the Apple mobile operating system is one of the most powerful mobile OS available today. Even then, sometimes looking at concept videos and suggestions put forward by people, it comes to my mind, well, Apple should have done this already!! The other way to look at such concepts is that Apple still has a lot to achieve in its awesome iOS. With the release of iOS 5, Apple resolved two major issues – the dependency on computers with OTA (Over-the-air) updates and the Notification […]

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