Beginners Guide

How to Hard-Reset an iPhone or iPad?

It can get really furstrating when you get to find that your iPhone or iPad is frozen and not responding. It could be because of a particular application getting hanged. In such a case, you need to hard-reset your iPhone/iPad which will resolve hanging issues with your iOS device. Some common characteristics in such a case are: Display goes black or blank Touch screen on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch stop responding Application unexpectedly closes or freezes If you are also facing any of […]

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How to enable emoticons and smileys on iPhone or iPad

Recently we started the Beginner’s Guide series which is aimed to help you get used to your newly purchased Apple device. Ever wondered how to add emoticons (smiley faces) while typing a message on your iOS device? Here in this article, I am going to show you how to enable emoticons and smileys on your iPhone/iPad. Okay then, let’s get staight to the point… To be able to type smileys in your iPhone messages and Whatsapp, you need to follow the below simple steps and […]

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How to Capture Screenshot of Your iPhone or iPad Screen?

How to take screenshot of my iPhone or iPad screen? – that was one of the questions I had on my mind when I first bought my iPhone 4 back in 2010 as I planned to take a lot of screenshots to write iPhone tutorials. At first, I thought I would need to download some additional application to make it possible but later on I figured out a way to do that without using any app  (on the official Apple iPhone Tips page). Also check: How to Hard-Reset […]

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