Brand New iPad 2 for Just $65 – He Bought It, Do You Want It?

Whatever you read in the title is true and I would call this pure luck!!

A (very) lucky man has actually bought a brand new Apple iPad 2 for just $65 which he saw while browsing his local Goodwill Store. This iPad 2 is a 32GB Wi-Fi model which came in the box.

A $65 iPad 2 - Goodwill Store

This person is a reddit user (djrjr) who is frequent shopper at this local store where upon noticing this price for Apple iPad, he got confused and checked with the manager twice to make sure the price was actually $65. After the manager confirmed that the price was correct, he did what any man would do…

I am a constant shopper at Goodwill, they get a fair amount of money from me for everyday things. The thing is if I hadn’t bought it would’ve sold almost instantly for the same price. I don’t feel dirty or shameful buying it from them, I checked with the manager twice to make sure this was correct and he insisted that it was right. I even told him how much it is worth and he still said that was the right price. I donate old/unwanted items to Goodwill a lot too so I’ll sleep fine tonight.

An older lady was taking it from the back to the showcase out front … I saw her taking it, asked if I could see it. The cashier told me if I wasn’t going to buy it he’d buy it.

In the pics posted by djrjr, the bills and the iPad 2 box show the price as $65.

A $65 iPad 2 - Goodwill Store

This dude got an awesome deal which I don’t think you would find in your local store!

I wish I was the lucky one to walk in the Goodwill store. What about you?


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