Flutter Adds Kinect-Like Gestures on your Mac to Control Music on iTunes, Spotify, VLC

We have written enough about iPhone apps here at iTA. Now, we thought of covering some nice apps for your Mac which promise to make your life easier. Here we go! Let’s consider a scenario – you are working on your laptop (browsing, writing or anything!) with some nice music playing in the background and your cell phone rings. What do you do right after you realise that you need to take that important call? I’ll tell you what I do – minimise the current […]

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Simple Concept Multitasking Gesture on the iPhone [Video]

iOS, the Apple mobile operating system is one of the most powerful mobile OS available today. Even then, sometimes looking at concept videos and suggestions put forward by people, it comes to my mind, well, Apple should have done this already!! The other way to look at such concepts is that Apple still has a lot to achieve in its awesome iOS. With the release of iOS 5, Apple resolved two major issues – the dependency on computers with OTA (Over-the-air) updates and the Notification […]

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