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Top 10 Best Racing Games for iPhone/iPad with Stunning Graphics and Action-Packed GamePlay

iOS devices can be put to multiple uses – totally depends upon what you like and what you want to get out of your smart device. I do a lot of stuff on my iOS devices and one of my favorites use for iPad (and iPhone!) is Gaming. And, I do have a nice collection of iOS games on my devices. Gaming on tablet/phone – whether it is for a quick 5-minute break you get from your daily chores, a quick game in  the lunch […]

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Top 5 Free iPhone Apps for Domain Search

If you are a webmaster or blogger managing multiple websites, or simply a domain investor, chances are that you would be always looking forward to buying more domains as opportunity knocks on the door (or like me, you might just like a domain name for any reason). If you are on the go and an idea strikes you to start an online estate, you can search for the best domain for your business right on your smartphone with some of the best Domain Search Apps […]

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12 Best Gurbani Apps for your iPhone

We love our iPhones, don’t we? It is undoubtedly the most popular and successful Smart Phone of the decade and its popularity is even increasing with each passing day – if you look at the excitement of Apple fans for the next iPhone, you would believe me right. And, if you ask me the reasons for its popularity, I have plenty of them to convince you! 😉 But here in this post, I am not going to do that because if I do, I will […]

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