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Google Releases “Currents” – A Flipboard Competitor for iPhone and iPad

Yesterday, Flipboard was released for the iPhone. Flipboard which is a famous iPad social magazine app, comes with some iPhone exclusive features like “Cover Story” and Speed. These features will make their way to the iPad in near future. You can read more about the Flipboard App for the iPhone. Google released a brand new app called “Currents” in the US App store today. Like Flipboard, Google Currents is also a social app which offers a magazine-like interface for your favourite websites and Google Reader. […]

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Flipboard App for iPhone Available to Download Now!

If you are an iPad user, you would already know about Flipboard app, which offers a simple new way for to automatically render select content in a beautiful, engaging layout on the iPad. If you have been living in the caves and don’t know what Flipboard is, it is an app which converts your favourite web pages into interactive magazine for the iPad (and iPhone as well now) which has got an awesome user experience associated to it. Flipboard has attracted a valuable and high-growth […]

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