How Apple-Obsessed Are You? A Quiz for Apple Fanatics!

Do you brag about your Apple device! Do you defend Apple in front of your friends or colleagues? You think you know everything about Apple? Well, if you answered a ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, my friend, you are an Apple fanboy. Admit it! Now, the question here is, how big an Apple fan are you? How about checking the level of Apple in your blood, would you be up for that? Check out this awesome info-graphics and find out how Apple-obsessed you […]

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Shit Android Fanatics Say [Video]

Last month we posted about a 2-part funny video which showed shit Apple fans say all the time. Now, someone has come up with a similar version (copied?) for Android fans and all the shit they say to defend against Apple products. Well, as said in the video “It’s not copying if it’s better!” Anyways! Does it happen quite often when you love a product (Apple or Android!) and fight to death to defend it? This one is really for you – I could see […]

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Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say: Funny Video

It’s because Apple doesn’t look back, it only looks forward! Of course, you can right click on a Mac! Apple can totally survive without Steve Jobs. Yeah, that would not have happened if Steve was still alive! Wouldn’t it be great if Apple made everything in the world? I looooooooooooooooooooove Apple!!!! Do you have friends who speak any of the above sh*t all the time? Or, are you one of them who do? 😛 Below is a 2-part video by Scott Rose where he’s nailed […]

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